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Scaffolding in Dubai

Wellfix is capable of producing almost every scaffolding accessory a contractor would require at it’s civil or oil & gas project. State of the art machinery operated by highly skilled workers and a strict quality control policy on the raw materials and workmanship ensures that the materials manufactured are of the most superior grade and this renders Wellfix is the leader of  scaffolding  in dubai.

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Scaffolding in Dubai | Scaffolding supplier in Dubai

Perfectly crafted in every way

Wellfix as a group provides various other services to it’s clients such as structural steel fabrication (fabrication of any steel structure or component as per drawings), shotblasting/sandblasting and painting/galvanizing services (refurbishment of used scaffolding and formwork accessories, refurbishment and maintenance services for oil & gas contractors at their site), hire/lease of scaffolding materials (with or without scaffolders for erection/dismantling) to contractors for specific projects.

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Our Products

Laminated LVL Scaffold Boards OSHA standard

Laminated (LVL) Scaffold Boards (OSHA standard)

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesives We stock LVL Scaffold Boards made from the highest grade of lumber, glue and workmanship

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Steel Scaffolding Planks | Hooked | Scaffold tops | Wooden boards

Steel Scaffolding Planks

Steel Scaffolding Planks extensively used in all types of work platforms, and their relatively high strength to weight ratio makes them particularly suitable for safe working.

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Safety Posts and fences | Scaffolding supplier UAE | Scaffold Gold | Wellfix

Safety Posts

Safety posts and fences at project sites for access guidance or to simply bar a certain area from access.

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Standards | Scaffolding in Dubai | Ewellfix.com


All W&D standards incorporate lower fixed cups at 0.5m intervals with captive rotating top cups which secure up to four components.

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Ledgers | ewellfx.com | Leading manufacturer of scaffolding in UAE


All ledgers incorporate symmetrical forged blade ends making assembly quick and simple, and allows components to be completely interchangeable.

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intermediate transoms | ewellfix.com

Intermediate Transoms

These units are designed to provide intermediate support for standard scaffold boards by spanning between the inner and outer ledgers.

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Universal Jacks | Leading manufacturer of scaffolding in UAE | ewellfix.com

Universal Jacks

Universal jacks have an adjustment of up to 0.5m and are used to accommodate variations in ground levels and to level the structure.

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U Head Jacks | Leading manufacturer of scaffolding in UAE | ewellfix.com

U Head Jacks

U-Heads are designed to be used in conjunction with Adjustable System Scaffolding.

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Spigot Pin Connectors | Leading manufacturer of scaffolding in UAE |

Spigot Pin Connectors

300mm Spigot pins are incorporated at the top of the standards/verticals to allow the vertical connection of further standards/verticals.

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Base Head Plates | Leading manufacturer of scaffolding in UAE | Wellfix

Base Head Plates

Used in conjunction with the universal jack.

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Adjustable Base Jacks | Leading manufacturer of scaffolding in UAE

Adjustable Base Jacks

Combined jack and base plate

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Ladder beams | Leading manufacturer of scaffolding in UAE | ewellfix.com

Ladder Beams

Ladder Beams

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Services & Solutions


Here we help our clients form metal structures through cutting, bending and assembling processes which  we usually base on the engineering drawings from our professional team. Our customers are happy because we employ the best technology in production of this work.

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Wellfix as a group provides various other services to it’s clients such as structural steel fabrication (fabrication of any steel structure or component as per drawings), shotblasting/sandblasting and painting/galvanizing services (refurbishment of used scaffolding and formwork accessories, refurbishment and maintenance) services for oil & gas contractors at their site)

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Through this process, we are always applying a protective zinc coating to the steal or iron, in order to prevent it from Rusting  -we employ methods like hot – dip Galvanizing  where all parts are submerged in a bath of molten zinc .

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Wellfix has over the years emerged as a leading supplier of scaffolding and formwork products in the Middle East to several leading civil and oil & gas contractors. W&D (Wellfix & Duscaff) is a prominent brand name developed by Wellfix for it’s scaffolding materials across the globe.

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About us


Wellfix, established in 2003, is an ISO 9001:2008 and OSHAS 18001 certified multinational company with it’s centralized head office in the UAE and with manufacturing facilities and trade of fices across Qatar and KSA. Making it a one stop centre for scaffolding in Dubai

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Duscaff Scaffolding Industry LLC, occupying 100,000 square feet of land is a subsidiary of Wellfix dedicated to manufacturing scaffolding and formwork products. Located in Dubai Industrial City, Duscaff has a round the clock production with several latest state of the art machineries operated by over over 100 experienced workers.

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We export our products to clients across the globe by sea freight, land freight and airfreight. We currently export to over 15 countries and can export to you country hassle-free by providing you with all the relevant documents required by your local government to ease the process.

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We import raw materials and finished products from world-class manufacturers from across the globe. All of our imports are verified either personally or by certified third-party inspectors for quality. If you are
a manufacturer and wish to work with us then contact us on to receive our vendor-registration form.

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