Product Description

Couplers are the fittings which hold the tubes together. The most common are called scaffold couplers, and there are three basic types: right-angle couplers, putlog couplers, and swivel couplers. To join tubes end-to-end joint pins or sleeve couplers are used. Only right angle couplers and swivel couplers can be used to fix tube in a ‘load-bearing connection’. Single couplers are not load-bearing couplers and have no design capacity.

Products Available:

ProductProduct CodeOriginType Finish Class BrandWeight
(Approx- kgs)
W&D COUPLERS & FITTINGSC-DBL-01IndiaDoubleDrop ForgedEN 74BW&D1.1
W&D COUPLERS & FITTINGSC-SWL-01IndiaSwivelDrop ForgedEN 74AW&D1.11
W&D COUPLERS & FITTINGSC-PTL-01IndiaPutlogDrop ForgedEN74W&D0.68
W&D COUPLERS & FITTINGSC-SLV-01IndiaSleevePressedBS1139W&D1.11
W&D COUPLERS & FITTINGSC-JPN-01IndiaJoint PinDrop ForgedBS1139W&D1.15
W&D COUPLERS & FITTINGSC-GRV-01IndiaGravlockDrop ForgedBS1139W&D1.43
W&D COUPLERS & FITTINGSC-LDR-01IndiaLadder (clamp)PressedBS1139W&D0.48
W&D COUPLERS & FITTINGSC-SGL-01IndiaSinglePressedBS1139W&D0.67

Several other couplers are available with us. Inquire with us to know more. Couplers are also available in heavy-duty class. In case you do not find your desired coupler or in case of any other general queries, you may inquire via email at or via our 24 hours help-desk number +971 4 243 2440