Product Description

Dual Purpose Aluminium Ladder

Dual Purpose Aluminium Ladder do work in place of two Ladders. They work as a Standard Step Ladder but they can then be “Flipped” or  open to work as a Single / Straight Ladder.

This can be very handy as you can do your inside work as a Step Ladder and then with the same Ladder work on the outside either as a Step Ladder or “Flipped” open to work as a Single / Straight Ladder to access higher areas.

An up adaptable Ladder is the Step Extension Ladder which can have the rear section slide up one rung at a time for a varied length which can be critical if being used in a small or confined  area such as entering a man hole through a ceiling.

Dual Purpose Ladders are manufactured in both Aluminium and Non-Conductive Fibreglass.  Wellfix Aluminium scaffolding company produces and sells several brands and models  of Aluminium Scaffolding ladders to its customers worldwide.