Product Description

Intermediate Transoms  are designed to provide intermediate support for standard scaffold boards by spanning between the inner and outer ledgers. The jaw section at each end is turned downwards to prevent dislocation. One end is provided with an integral locking device to prevent movement along the ledgers during use.

The 1.3m gadget supports a standard five board platform. Two and three of them are used where scaffold boards require support between hop-up brackets. They span between the inside ledger of the main scaffold and the ledger linking the hop-up brackets. 1.8 and 2.5m of this tool can be used in ‘birdcage’ structures and other specialist applications.

Products Available:

TransomsProduct CodeLengthWeight
(Approximate kgs)
TransomTRS-010.6 meters3.79
TransomTRS-021.2 meters5.74
TransomTRS-031.3 meters6.06
TransomTRS-041.8 meters7.69
TransomTRS-052.5 meters9.90

In case you do not find the desired dimension or in case of any other general queries, you may inquire via email at or via our 24 hours help-desk number  +97155 5539797Available in Galvanized, Painted or Self finishes. We also fabricate the transoms in 4.0mm thickness in various sizes.