Product Description

Horizontals (Ledgers)

All ledgers incorporate symmetrical forged blade ends making assembly quick and simple, and allows components to be completely interchangeable. Horizontals locate in the bottom cups of the standards and are secured by locking the top cup. 2.5m horizontals provide the basic bay length in a W&D access structure. This is a suitable bay size for all common access loading conditions. 1.8m horizontals provide a make-up bay size for added flexibility. Normal horizontals also act as guardrails.

Products Available:

ProductProduct CodeLengthWeight
(Approximate Kgs
LedgerLDG-010.6 meters2.15
LedgerLDG-021.2 meters4.10
LedgerLDG-03 1.3 meters4.42
LedgerLDG-041.8 meters6.05
LedgerLDG-052.5 meters8.32

Available in Galvanized, Painted or Self finishes. We also fabricate the horizontals in 4.0mm thickness in various sizes.In case you do not find the desired dimension or in case of any other general queries, you may inquire via email at or via our 24 hours help-desk number +971 4 243 2440.